New Client Solutions

New Client Solutions
Wiggins Payroll Corporation

EPS is a full service payroll company offering a vast array of integrated services related to employees and payroll. We extend our offering well beyond the basics of just payroll and payroll taxes to include many time-saving, affordable services. Our goal is to take the pain out of payroll by taking on the payroll-related tasks you struggle with every day.

Personal Service

The best part about EPS is that we personally work with each client to prioritize and successfully implement the best solutions for your company. Every company is different and we will create an individual solution just for your company.

Services You Depend On

Payroll, Tax and HR compliance are tough waters to navigate…. that’s why companies choose EPS. We offer ‘hands-on’ personal service and make sure that the pricing is affordable, so our clients achieve the most value. Explore our services to find out how EPS can help you. Client Solutions, 1 – 5000 Employees scaled to fit your needs. “The essential difference between a payroll service firm and a payroll solution provider is that the solution provider is committed to turning payroll into a dynamic cost saving and management asset and not just a check producing process”.Our remote software is a true web-based payroll/hris system allowing direct access to your employee, payroll, and HR related data. It is the most robust full-featured payroll software on the market offering scalability, flexibility, customization, security, and ease of use. This allows you to remain in control, while we handle all of the processing and compliance issues.

The Advantage

Many payroll providers offer PC based architecture. This means there are two databases for your payroll. One resides on your PC – the other resides back at your payroll provider. Because both databases must be in perfect synchronization, this commonly results in delays, added maintenance and error messages after you add common items such as a new department, and new earnings codes, or perhaps an agency check. Updates to the software require intervention by you, or your IT staff. This is an inefficient process that often results in a diversion from your primary focus of managing your payroll and HR.

Our software utilizes “thin client” technology where there is only one database and all changes made are immediately updated and viewable by the user. Our technology does not require an initial software installation, or subsequent installations as new versions evolve. This allows your IT department to focus on managing your business.

Software Features

• Customizable Payroll Entry Grid for easy payroll entry

• Check View – Paycheck look up on site with tax calculator

• Job Costing and Certified Payroll Reporting

• Built in Report Writer Utility for custom reports and file formats

• Extremely secure-256K encrypted data transmission

• History tracking and snapshot reporting ensures an audit trail for all fields in the program

• EXCEL import directly into the payroll software

• Interface with popular time and attendance systems

• Review all payroll reports prior to processing to guarantee accuracy

• 4 levels of departmentalization

• LAN / WAN needs: supports multiple users at different client locations simultaneously

• Electronically transmit encrypted agency files in a wide array of formats to outside administrators

• Run 100+ standard reports with any desired date range within the current year or across previous years

• Unlimited Earnings and Deduction codes, employee rates, and benefit accruals

• G/L and check reconciliation files, in the format necessary to import to QuickBooks, Peachtree, Great Plains, AccPac, and other popular accounting applications

• Sophisticated time off accrual and tracking systems

• Show used, taken, and available time off on checks, with unlimited accruals per employee

Custom Report Writer

Our Software features a powerful custom report writer which offers unlimited custom payroll and HR report development. You can quickly select any field in our integrated payroll and HR system as well as create custom formulas on the fly. Payroll history information can easily be accessed for any time frame. Data can then be sorted and filtered in virtually any way you like. Reports can be printed or used to export data in a variety of formats including Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel. In addition, we have a highly trained technical services team that specializes in creating custom reports for our business customers. To assist in the retirement plan reporting process, we have created Census and Per Payroll Period reports for a number of 401(k) and Third-party administrators. In addition we can provide customized General Ledger exports to most accounting systems.

Expand your service and include tracking and reporting on vital employee information. Evolution HR™, gives you the ability to track and report on vital employee personal information, performance reviews, benefits, skills, injury occurrences and much more. Evolution and Evolution HR share one common database, eliminating duplicate entry and the need for customized imports. It boasts an integrated report writer, creating an extremely powerful HR management tool enabling HR professionals to comply with internal and external reporting requirements.

Evolution HR is the tool you need to harness your employee data. It will give you the power to address the many aspects of managing your company’s most valuable resource…it’s employees. Integration is a key element to building and maintaining a reliable HRIS. Evolution payroll and Evolution HR share one common database, eliminating duplicate entry or imports. Comprehensive tracking of employee personal information, performance reviews, benefits, skills, injuries and much more. Customized tools designed to help mid-sized companies, in any industry, stay on top of vital HR record keeping, and comply with governmental reporting requirements. Applicant tracking is a bonus. Evolution HR includes the ability to track applicant’s skills and interview data. Evolution Report Writer. Access all of your employee information to customize reports and file outputs. Extensive employee information at your fingertips makes Evolution HR a valued labor-saving management tool for your company! Evolution HR is the ideal resource for your Human Resources Department.

HR Benefits & Essentials

HR & Benefits Essentials is a comprehensive Web-based library of human resources information with hundreds of downloadable forms to provide answers to many of your HR-related questions. Information found on HR Benefits & Essentials human resources library includes:

• Benefits and compensation – benefit plans, cafeteria plans, compensation, paid leave, payroll administration, retirement, wage & hour • Compliance – COBRA, ERISA, FLSA, FMLA, HIPPA, OSHA • Equal employment opportunity – disabled workers, discrimination, harassment • Performance and productivity – communications, job evaluations, morale, promotions, retention, training • Recruiting and staffing – agreements, diversity, exits & terminations, hiring, temps, training • Risk management and safety – drug abuse, ergonomics, OSHA, workers’ compensation, workplace violence • Dates, Rates and Deadlines • Google-like search engine for HR and Benefits News • Email questions to the experts and receive an answer within 24 hours

Paperless Payroll

Truly Green – Truly Secure E-Courier Our Virtual Mail Room allows you to receive all your payroll reports, direct deposit pay statements and quarterly tax returns automatically after your payroll processes in a password protected e-mail format. Enable your company to become truly paperless while increasing the security level of your confidential payroll information. Benefits of the Virtual Mail Room are: You can have your reports emailed directly to you immediately upon processing payroll. Your employees on Direct Deposit can have their vouchers emailed to them directly. No waiting for a courier to deliver payroll packages the next day. Any combination of reports or files can be automatically routed to separate e-mail addresses within your organization or to 3rd parties like a CPA or a Third Party 401(k) Administrator. Reports are password protected to ensure that only the right people can view them.

Employee/Manager Self-Service

A web-based portal which allows your employees to access their payroll information via the internet. Through the ESS/MSS you can provide your employees the ability to view and print payroll vouchers and W2’s, access their demographic data, request time-off and view paid time-off balances. This “paperless payroll” system will reduce routine inquiries from employees, provide your employees with greater access to payroll information, and ease the burden of distributing payroll vouchers to your workforce.

EMPLOYER BENEFITS Streamline the entire PTO process by reducing the number of balance requests coupled with PTO requests being managed online through a Manager Workflow approval process. Decentralize inefficiencies by allowing employees to view and alter their employee information (W-4 only), you can reduce the amount of time being spent on adding and altering basic updates.

Pay statements and W-2’s are available online, reducing the time and cost of distribution. Reduces the costs and streamlines the distribution related to printed materials by encouraging employees to access web address links, company specific files or documents, and company messages or announcements online on the ESS portal.

EMPLOYEE BENEFITS Access to their demographic information, such as name, address, birth date, hire date, federal and state withholding status and salary or rates of pay. Access pay statements and W-2’s for as far back as your company has been with EPS. Grant the ability to change their W-4 information with manager approval. View PTO balances and request PTO through the web portal with manager approval. This eliminates time spent on researching PTO balances. Allow employees access to web address links, specific files or documents and company messages or announcements.

EPS provides Web-Hosted Time & Attendance solutions to enable your businesses to integrate your time collection data directly into our Payroll/HRIS system. Our Time & Attendance solutions are customized for each clients specific needs. It combines the convenience of online access with the familiarity of a conventional wall-mounted time clock and PC for time data collection. Our service is entirely online, so there’s no software to buy, install, or upgrade. The system is easy to use – simply punch in and out with the push of a button, swipe of a card, through a finger verification scan, or online through a PC. Our web-based server automatically does all the collecting, calculating, processing, and reporting quickly and accurately. EPS Time & Attendance solutions can be easily suited to meet your company’s needs, whether it is as simple as “in and out” or more complex with labor distribution and shift differentials. By eliminating the time that is required to manually total time card data, the cost of human error, and the large expense associated with employee time theft, our simple and affordable solution is an excellent investment for your business.

Specialty Payrolls EPS offers specialty payroll services and reporting for businesses in the construction and restaurant industries.

Construction and Certified Payroll

EPS provides the most comprehensive product portfolio to serve the needs of small to midsize construction companies and trade-related businesses.

Focused on meeting the unique needs of the construction industry, EPS provides special reports including: • Job costing reports • Certified reports • Union and union benefit reports • Workers’ compensation reports • EEO reports • New hire reports • Other special reports based upon your company’s requirements

Our online payroll solution for construction companies allows you to enter your payroll from any computer with Internet access. Fax input is also available.

Restaurant Payroll

Beyond standard wages, tip reporting and payroll tax filing, EPS can provide a variety of other valuable services and reports to help you manage the complexities of restaurant payroll:

• Allocated Tip Reporting — EPS can help take the mystery out of meeting your TEFRA requirements. Regardless of how you record sales and tips, we have the flexibility to allocate tips and provide you easy to read and understand Allocated Tips Reports.

• Tip-to-Minimum Validation — Our system will make sure the wages you pay your staff and the tips they report keep your business in compliance with minimum wage requirements, giving you the information and the tools to keep both your employees and the government happy.

• FICA Tip Credit Report — EPS will help you get the maximum benefit from this powerful business tax credit. In addition to maintaining your payroll records, we can track your matching portion of FICA paid on tips in excess of minimum wage on a per period, monthly, quarterly, yearly or fiscal year basis — whenever you need it! Tracking this information could lead to substantial business tax savings. Whether you’re a large establishment or a small cafe’, Evolution Payroll understands the needs of restaurants like yours.

HR can be a tricky subject for a small business. You have to be on top of ever-changing laws and requirements. If you’re not, you might be in for a painful and expensive lesson. But as a small business owner, how do you handle the cost of HR help or set aside the time from your crazy schedule?

HR Support Center is a great solution. Get your business up to HR speed with our Employee Handbook, Pre-written HR Forms & Letters, Job Descriptions and required HR forms. In addition, we’ll provide you with a Q&A database, news, articles and a glossary of HR terms. Best of all, the information comes without unnecessary fluff. It’s focused, helpful, and to the point. Perfect for a busy small business owner. (CLICK HERE FOR A DEMO OF HR SUPPORT CENTER)

Employment Screening

In a marketplace where 7% of the workforce may have a criminal conviction, where 37% may have falsified their educational experience, and where 30% may have lied about their previous employment, information about potential employees must be validated.

EPS Employment Screening is powered by First Advantage, a national leader in employee screening. We offer a web-based solution that is designed to take the hassle out of the hiring process. You’ll feel more secure knowing that our product avoids a trap of many competing products that impart on their users serious legal liability. Many screening products on today’s market only perform a national database search, which opens the door for an inaccurate report if the subject committed a crime or misdemeanor in a local jurisdiction that doesn’t report to a national database. EPS Employment Screening eliminates this negative exposure by physically sending a representative to the courthouse in the subject’s community to have the pertinent records reviewed. This is why First Advantage Employment Screening is one of the safest products in the industry.

You can select from a complete range of advanced, tailor-made searches based upon specific employee profiles such as driver, money handler or general services. It’s simple and fast.

The Online 401(k)

Now just about any size business can have a 401(k). By offering a 401(k) program, you can help your employees save for retirement while providing you with a powerful recruiting and retention tool at a great value. The Online 401(k) is a web-based retirement plan solution built to address the needs of small businesses. One of the original web-based 401(k) providers to address the small business market, today The Online 401(k) serves more than 2,500 businesses across 50 states.

The company’s philosophy is simple; providing affordable, flexible, easy to-use 401(k) plans for businesses with less than 100 employees. The Online 401(k) also serves one-person businesses with its retirement plan, Single(k). The plan is an all-inclusive 401(k) plan. That means that all aspects of your plan are handled for you so you and your employees have one single point of contact for all your plan needs.

Pre-Tax Medical Plans

It’s Like An Instant Raise! Created by Congress during the 1970s, pre-tax plans are one of the smartest things a company can utilize to save their employees and themselves money! These plans allow for the use of pre-tax money to pay for specific medical expenses, as well as certain benefits. Plans typically come in the following two basic forms.

Premium Only Plans

POPs reduce employee and employer taxes. By paying their share of group insurance premiums with tax-free dollars, employees save 25% to 40% depending on their tax bracket. Employers typically save on the matching Social Security (FICA) and Federal unemployment taxes of nearly 8%. In many cases, the employer’s tax savings can actually pay for the plan administration!

Flexible Spending Account Plans

Sometimes they are referred to as cafeteria plans, flex plans, section 125 plans, or FSAs. However you refer to it, our Flexible Spending Account Plans include the benefits of a POP, and let employees set aside a certain amount of each paycheck into a healthcare reimbursement account — before paying income taxes.

Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation

Managing a small business cash flow is a top priority for any small business owner, and with our Pay As You Go Workers’ Compensation, you’ll have a new tool to improve your cash flow and better manage your expenses. This convenient payment program offers insurance premiums to be paid on a per-payroll basis.

It eliminates any up-front deposits, and it helps avoid any year-end audit surprises, since premiums are based on actual payroll rather than on estimates. With our solutions, you receive high-quality workers’ compensation coverage from the nation’s leading insurers. Their licensed consultants are knowledgeable about your state’s insurance requirements and they can tailor a policy to your specific business needs.

G/L Interface

Our G/L Interface provides a seamless solution to post payroll information directly to your accounting package. The combination of ease and efficiency has made this one of our most popular products. Our staff handles the implementation of this product for your company by doing the required mapping of your chart of accounts and providing the required training.

As a result, after each payroll, a file is instantly generated that can be applied directly to over 33 accounting packages. It’s that simple!

Seamlessly post payroll information to your accounting package. Distribute payroll expenses to multiple accounts and/or departments. Improves accuracy…no double entry.