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At Evolution Payroll Services, we believe all businesses deserve an efficient process to manage their workforce. It seems like it should be easy – the tools are out there – but why isn’t it? Many payroll service companies sell the bells and whistles of their products but there is a serious lack of personalized service and support. This can prevent you from realizing the full benefits of streamlining your payroll and workforce management and certainly doesn’t relieve the headaches that outsourcing should. We believe that value is not found merely in the tools at your disposal, but in training and customizing the use of those tools to help your business more efficiently manage your workforce.

Founded in 2002, we are a privately held and fully insured company - not a franchise or part of a national firm. We provide payroll, HR and time & attendance solutions to businesses across the country, with the capability to handle payroll for all 50 states. Our staff has the resources and expertise to handle the most sophisticated needs, and also provide the local, personalized service that is typically not available from other payroll providers. Have you felt the pain of trying to navigate a complicated and vague phone system, then waited on hold forever to speak to someone to get an answer to a simple question? And then when you finally get a live person to speak with, you can’t seem to get them to understand your needs? Or perhaps they simply don’t have the tools, knowledge or experience to help you? Or maybe they simply don’t care.

Evolution Payroll Services is owner-operated and managed because we believe that caring about your clients’ success is the only way to be successful yourself. Over the years, our payroll service has evolved from providing payroll processing solutions to also providing time & attendance and human resource solutions to support clients with a full suite of human capital management products. We’ve remained dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service possible which had led to our continued growth and over 98% client retention rate.

We also believe that corporate social responsibility is an important facet of a business. Practicing corporate social responsibility means being conscious of the kind of impact you have on all aspects of society – economic, social as well as environmental. Part of our ongoing plan to give back includes donating office space to an local non-profit, IHI International (, that focuses on identifying needs and developing solutions to improve the lives of vulnerable people worldwide. We also continually contribute to dozens of different other local non-profits that support the people and animals in our community, and use bio-degradable and recylcable products in our office wherever possible.

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