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Time & Attendance Solutions

Keeping track of your employees time on the job can be difficult - and even more difficult to review and accurately total when it comes time to process each pay period's payroll. We have a robust time keeping system with many options for collecting time and automating tasks that you previously had to complete manually.


Prefer physical time clocks? Choose from various punch methods such as key fobs, swipe cards, manual PIN entry, and even biometric thumb print clocks to prevent "buddy-punching." Do you prefer not to use separate equipment and instead have your staff clock in and out from a computer? Use the web clock feature and available IP address control to only allow employees to clock in from your work location. Are your employees on the go and don't regularly report to a company location? Use the mobile based app to allow your employees to clock in and out on the road (GPS location storage optional to track your employees location at each in/out punch).


Click the link below to explore more about our Time & Attendance Products:

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